SR Research
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SR Research Head Support

Key Features

bulletRobust, high quality design and manufacturing
bulletClamps on top of the table so there is no interference with participantís legs
bulletAllows separate adjustment of chin position in depth, or remove chin or forehead support
    components completely
bulletCan be used with or without the supplied gel pads
bulletIdeal for Eye Tracking, Psychophysics, or any Psychology experiment

The SR Research Head Support is an extremely sturdy, high quality chin and forehead rest suitable for use in any behavioral research laboratory. It was specially designed for the EyeLink 1000 Plus in head-supported modes and forms the base of the Tower Mount.

Importantly, the chin support can be adjusted in depth for extra comfort and better head positioning. The design of the head support allows for use of just the chin rest if desired (e.g., useful for EEG experiments in which you want to avoid putting pressure on the frontal electrodes), or just the forehead rest (e.g., useful for tasks involving speech production).

Less Sturdy Head Supports

Desktop Stand Chin Cup Model

The Desktop Stand Chin Cup is not attached to the table, so it can be moved by the subject - hence it is usable for a simple head support when movement is allowed. The forehead rest is easily removed.

Table Clamp Chin Cup Model
The Table Clamp Chin Cup head support clamps to the table and provides a simple chin cup to guide the subject. The forehead rest is easily removed.