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Video Overlay

Key Features

bulletProvides composite or S-Video output of Display PC graphics
bulletwith a customizable real-time gaze cursor overlay
bulletNo additional computers required, works with standard system configuration
bulletUseful for gaze documentation and demonstration purposes
bulletCan also be used without a Display PC, allowing calibration on a standard TV monitor
bulletand subsequent gaze position overlay on TV Video
bulletPackage includes gaze overlay hardware as well as a modified EyeLink tracker application
bulletthat performs the gaze cursor generation

The Gaze Overlay accessory for the EyeLink system converts the graphics from the stimulus computer monitor to a NTCS or PAL video stream. A cursor is drawn on the video representing the participant’s point of gaze on the display.

This option is used to provide gaze position information on a dynamic stimulus display, like a web browser, other computer applications, digital video, or DVD movie. The video signal is then typically saved onto a VCR or DVR recorder, but can also be saved to a computer using a S-Video to DV-AVI converter.