SR Research
Fast, Accurate, Reliable Eye Tracking

EyeLink 1000 Remote Camera Upgrade

Key Features

bullet500 Hz sampling rate
bullet0.5 degree average accuracy
bullet2 msec blink recovery time
bulletAccess eye position data with 3.0 msec delay
bullet22x18x20 cm (horizontal x vertical x depth) allowable head movement at a 60 cm camera distance
bulletMaximum head movement speed of 100 cm / second, even during blinks
bulletWorks with Desktop and LCD Arm Mounts
The Remote/Head Free camera upgrade for the EyeLink 1000 system adds the ability to use the eye tracker as a fully remote system that does not require head stabilization. The Remote Camera Upgrade is designed for areas of eye tracking research where a head rest or head mount is not desirable, but high accuracy and resolution are still important. The EyeLink 1000 can be switched between the head supported and remote operating modes in under a minute.

Head distance is accurately measured at 500 Hz using a small target sticker placed on the participant's forehead. The use of a distance measure that is independent of the eye allows for head position to be tracked even during blinks, providing an extremely fast 2 msec blink recovery time. The fast head position sampling rate also allows for head tracking during very quick head movements. Either the Desktop or LCD Arm mount is required for use with this option.